We get each other.

When I became a nurse, I instantly recognized the unique and beautiful quirks of nursing culture and healthcare in general. I wanted to share stories about these “nurse abnormalities” because every day, I am in awe of how brilliant, instrumental, and extraordinary nurses are to healthcare…Read more

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Why Nurses Swear &%$#@

Anyway, although I was unaware prior to entering the profession, my foul mouth fit fairly well into the healthcare scene. That being said, the following information about why nurses (or all healthcare workers) swear is not said without a disclosure.

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Nurse Retention and Burnout: Is it Rocket Science? No.

This issue is rippling and cyclical, negatively impacting the nursing profession and shadowing our inherent talents on the broadest level – and that really breaks my heart. So, nurse burnout and retention, is it rocket science? No, the rocket science part has been done – it’s doing what is morally right.

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