We get each other.

When I became a nurse, I instantly recognized the unique and beautiful quirks of nursing culture and healthcare in general. I wanted to share stories about these “nurse abnormalities” because every day, I am in awe of how brilliant, instrumental, and extraordinary nurses are to healthcare…Read more

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The Internal Paradox of Being an RN + B.I.T.C.H.E.

Then, I will wake up tomorrow, I will wear my smile, and I will proudly be that bitch – the one I would request to care for my family members. And I will do it for the sake of my patients, my career, my degree, my calling, and this life for which I am ever so thankful.

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Dear Unsupportive Nurse

So, define what you’re doing and just do it. This confidence will give you the motivation to overcome the barriers of the unsupportive nurse, because when you truly know yourself and your purpose, the unsupportive nurse only evokes pity. In fact, when you know yourself, the unsupportive nurse induces further support, so…

Dear Unsupportive Nurse,

I support you.

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Nurses: My Hope For You…

So maybe my hope is a coping mechanism, but either way I think it’s something more people should have. I hope for rom-com happy endings. I hope for love and peace. I hope one day I’ll add Harvard to my resume, but for now I just have that t-shirt in the picture. I hope for my friends’ and families’ happiness and I hope I graduate from this crazy pursuit. I hope I write a book. I hope you all try to accomplish your dreams, whatever they may be.

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