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Private vs. Public Nursing School

I cannot express to you enough that it is not about the letters after your name or the privilege of attending a fancy school. It is about your grit, passion, determination, and love for the profession. There will be some nurses who attend private schools who will do extraordinary things, but there are plenty of nurses who attend public schools who will also do extraordinary things. Choose what is right for you, your budget, and your life, and you cannot go wrong.

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A Love Affair for FIGS Scrubs

I have good news for you all! Do you remember when I posted the Instagram story about my first pair of FIGS scrubs? Well, I’m teaming up with FIGS to provide a discount for my followers. I have never promoted any product on my blog before and I’m happy that FIGS will be the first. Before I really get going, if you want to receive 20% off on FIGS apparel, click and enter the code – FIGSxNurseAbnormalities – continue reading to find I why I am obsessed with FIGS.

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Letters from an ICU Nurse: Dani

Dani’s favorite word, also happened to be my favorite word – fuck. I found this so hilarious. I never heard Dani speak, other than in videos, because she was intubated and trached while I cared for her, but when she finally opened her eyes, they proclaimed nothing but, “fuck this mother fucking cancer.”

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Letters from an ICU Nurse: Johnny

It was then I realized, in the scheme of things, we simply don’t get all the answers. I will never know why Johnny died so young or why people who deeply care for each other sometimes do not work out. Furthermore, even if reason transpires, it does not always entertain an elaborate and dramatic story, it just is what it is.

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