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Why do I love FIGS scrubs?

I have good news for you all! Do you remember when I posted the Instagram story about my first pair of FIGS scrubs? Well, I’m teaming up with FIGS to provide a discount for my followers. I have never promoted any product on my blog before and I’m happy that FIGS will be the first. Before I really get going, if you want to receive 20% off on FIGS apparel, click and enter the code – FIGSxNurseAbnormalities – continue reading to find I why I am obsessed with FIGS.

Scrubs on a mission

FIGS is not your average scrub company. For every pair of scrubs sold, they provide a pair to healthcare providers in need. Many medical professionals in high-needs areas do not have clean scrubs. Clean scrubs can reduce hospital-acquired infections by 66% – this is a company with a mission larger than providing great looking scrubs. FIGS has already donated scrubs in 28 countries around the world – my heart is so warm!

They are anti-microbial

People constantly ask me how I care for my scrubs after a gross day in the ICU. As you all know very well, we might have 3-4 bodily fluids on our scrubs in one day. I really never knew how to respond to this other than washing them in hot water. FIGS scrubs are the answer to my prayers. They are intertwined with a product called SILVADUR.  In nurse language, I would equate this to the anti-microbial dressings we use which are impregnated with silver, like a Mepilex AG. Some Foley catheters are also now impregnated with silver, as well as, one of my personal favorite products used for skin breakdown, called InterDry. While this technology is not exactly the same, it is a similar idea and I LOVE IT SO HARD.

They are more than the softest

The first question anyone asks you about a new set of scrubs are, “How soft are they?” People will even walk up to you and touch them. Well, fondle away, because nothing is softer than these bad boys. Oh, and if you want to get crazy, try a pack of the under-scrub t-shirts. They are soft on steroids.

Okay, okay, they look good

So, yes, I love the way these scrubs look. I loathe business casual apparel and these scrubs are so nice, I can wear them from the hospital to a business meeting and look professional. Seriously, for my clinical rotations, they pass as business casual apparel when I wear them with my white coat. They also make me look far more put together than I really am. We all know running a tight schedule with school, work, and life can be daunting; these scrubs just make me feel good. And feeling good is something everyone could use.


I am pictured in small/tall pants and a small top. These scrubs have been washed at least 30 times before this picture was taken – graphite is my favorite color. If you buy the darker colors, I would recommend washing them separately at first so they don’t bleed onto your other laundry. And finally, enjoy your new pair and let me know how much you love them.


Link to women’s scrubs from FIGS here and men’s scrubs from here. You can also check out their premium medical apparel from here. If you would like to receive 20% off your order, shop from a link on this page and enter “FIGSxNurseAbnormalities” You guys are going to love them!