Death has humbled me yet again. Whether it is sudden or expected, the deceased were old or young, we were acquaintances, friends, children or lovers; the separation of souls from other souls is deep and entangled. Death reminds me of the fragility of life and how, in the end, we are all equal. It does not discriminate upon youth, beauty, wealth, or ethnicity and nothing will help us escape it. Death is not fair, and its reasons and timing are not for us to understand. It can seem selfish by rudely demanding acceptance when you are not capable of conceding and somehow, it is a magnifying glass for past memories, losses, and pain. But death is also peace, inner peace, that some seem to search for indefinitely and cannot find until the end.

Death reminds us not to take life for granted. Savor every moment and be thankful for every day; even the smallest details deserve recognition. It reminds us to love intensely in all of our relationships and even if we anticipate loss and hurt, do not be scared to acknowledge our undeniable connections with others. People are simply meant to be with other people, so don’t hesitate to feel every emotion until it is tangible. Finally, we are reminded to not ever hide our true selves; there simply is not enough time to minimize our personalities for the sake of others, when in the end, it does not favor either party.

It is unfortunate that sometimes it takes a loss to remember all of this, but I suppose it is just part of life. To all of the departed, you are so deeply missed and loved. May your souls rest in peace.

As always, we get each other.