Last year, right before my grandmother passed away, but had already moved out of her house into a nursing home; I went through some of her family keepsakes. I came across this letter, which was written by my great grandfather to a family friend in July of 1953. I never met my great grandfather and I really have no idea why he wrote this letter, but I decided if I had followed this advice every day of my life, I would have avoided nearly every mistake I ever made. It has resonated with my ever since and has become my life motto.

Feel free to read the letter yourself, but here are the key points:

  1. Choose a vocation where you can always support yourself.
  2. Study hard and consistently.
  3. Don’t waste time.
  4. Be at the head of your class.
  5. Don’t be a big wheel in a club or be the most active in outside activities, that type of person isn’t the most successful one in his/her field.
  6. The vocation of a NURSE is a high calling.
  7. Have an interest in people.
  8. Marry someone who has ambition and a good family.
  9. If your partner’s parents are kind and considerate, he will probably be kind and considerate.
  10. Don’t marry him for his money.
  11. Marry him because he loves you and you love him, money will come later.
  12. Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses.
  13. Try and save 25% of your income.
  14. Go without rather than get in debt.
  15. Don’t be in debt to anyone.

I’m still an ever-evolving work in progress, but thanks great grandpa for the guide; you must have known something.

This was too formative to keep to myself. I hope you all enjoy!