So, here I sit, on Thanksgiving eve, pies in the oven and thinking about how thankful I am for my life. I owe this gratitude to the career, which has made me a better daughter, sister and friend. Not only do I have nursing to thank for the usual suspects like getting an opportunity to work with the best people, being allowed the privilege to change lives every day and getting to further develop my passion, but I have nursing to thank for getting me through the toughest times of my life.

In the last several years, I have been through some trials and heartache, but have overcome and maintained a positive outlook. Through every bump in the road, nursing has been my constant. By helping people and giving to others, I was able to find myself again. Looking back, I realize that many times in my life I was unable to stand up for myself, but I learned no one could stop me when I needed to advocate for a patient. This helped me gain confidence and redirect my energy into my career and passion instead of my insecurities.

This newfound sureness helped me reevaluate the relationships in my life. I was able to rejuvenate the ones that mattered and dismiss the ones that held me back. I truly appreciate every moment and connection I have been given, good and bad. Because nursing, of course, has taught me that many people would yearn to live any second of their lives again, but will not be given the opportunity.

Finally, I am actually with my family on this Thanksgiving, which is a rarity. I love being with them, but a part of me misses experiencing the holiday with my work family. I have spent many holidays with nurses in temporary cities, but never once felt alone. I know my nurses and murses will be having one heck of a holiday dinner tomorrow and celebrating like they always do.

So, cheers to the honorable career that has given me direction, passion, understanding, appreciation and everlasting friendships. Happy Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving/Nursegiving/Slapsgiving to all.

Nurse Abnormalities